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Brown Residence: Thompson Falls, Montana

"The communications with Big Sky Solar and Wind Company was great right from the start.

  We went on line and said we were interested in Solar Power and when Michael came out he took the time to explain everything about the company, how the panels would work, the tie in to the grid and the new meter that would be installed to send the extra energy back to the electrical company for credits.

  The installation went fast.The workers were friendly, neat and non-intrusive to our normal routine. It felt like family was visiting.

Our neighbors are now asking questions about our solar power, and we are recommending that they contact Big Sky Solar and Wind Company in Missoula. 

  Everyone should take a look at this and the benefits all will receive from it. 

You cannot lose with a company like this."


The Browns from Thompson Falls Montana

This 20 Panel 4.7KW Grid Tie Solar System includes American made solar panels and real time online monitoring.

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