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Ammons Residence: West Riverside, Montana

"Michael: I’d love to write a testimonial. How long should it be? What are your priorities for content: ROI, speed and hassle free install, quality, cost/grant $, power bill savings, local company, oversight after install, maintenance, US-made cells??? I could write a pretty good piece, I think, having talked with about 10 people, 3-5 of whom I sent your info to who are serious business people and will get info then buy. I want to do something truthful and effective for you but not waste my time either.I also want to talk with you about monies, strategy for installing more panels. Does it make sense to do another bigger install or one panel/inverter per year?"


This is a 12 Panel, 2.82KW Grid Tie Solar System with American made panels and real time online monitoring

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